Cheraw Schools

Little Red School House

Built in 1940, the Little Red School House held fond memories for many students.  Mrs. Effie Wall Funderburk, owner and first teacher, taught until her retirement in 1964.  Mrs. Harriet Roddy, who had helped Mrs. Funderburk for years took over as teacher at that time.  The Kershaw St. building has been torn down. (Courtesy of David McCall, from a 1989 calendar published by the Chamber of Commerce.)

~1947 class of the Little Red School House.  Identified from the photo are: Eleanor Spruill, Sloan Ingram, Beck Thrower, and David McCall.  (Courtesy of David McCall.)
Little Red School House around 1978. (Courtesy of David McCall.)
Cheraw High School
Graded School
In 1892 the first public school in Cheraw opened with Prof. B. C. McIver as superintendent and with Miss Janie McLean and Miss Mattie Duvall as assistants.  A small wooden building near the present Faith Christian Academy was used and 65 pupils were enrolled.  Cheraw Graded School was listed in 1907 as one of the first official state high schools.  At that time, there were 250 pupils.  Two years of high school were added.  In 1910, a third year of high school was added and the first state aid was received.  The building pictured here was built in 1914.   The building was torn down in 1964.

The two-story school was built in 1914, and a large annex was added in 1920.  (HSCC, 1997).

Cheraw Graded School, early 1900's
Unknown School (Digital Image Access Project Photographs, Special Collections Library, Duke University.)
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