Cheraw Homes
Lafayette House (c. 1823) was built by Dr. William Ellerbe.  In 1825, when General Lafayette visited the United States, a public reception was held at the house HSCC, 1997).
Residence of Mrs. Hattie McCoy, where Lafayette was entertained
Cherry laurel Inn, 1940
Market St. Cheraw
Harrall House
Home of Mrs. Myrtle W. Harrall Cheraw, SC.  A Good place for Tourists on U.S. Highway No. 1
Residence of Robt. Chapman Cheraw, SC
Wilson Springs Log Cabins (~1925) 
is the current Bob Rogers property
that used to have a swimming pool 
which was fed by Wilson Springs. 
The building at the left of the picture 
was where they had dances etc. 
It was believed to be the recreation 
center of that time. It cost ten cents 
to go swimming there.  Wilson Springs 
was later purchased by the American 
Legion, and then by Bob Rogers
becoming Bomar Water Gardens.  
Boxwood Hall--Boxwood Hall was built in 1822 by Dr. Thomas H. Powe (also credited for growing the first tomatoes in Cheraw) . The Powes remained in the home until 1852 when Dr. Cornelius Kollock bought it. During the Civil War, occupants of the house reportedly hid bacon between the floor boards on the second floor above the living room from General Sherman's troops. Fat from the meat supposedly permeated the wood so that it is still hard to keep painted until this day. A dent on the front porch was said to have been made by a cannon ball that was fired upon the town as the Union Army entered Cheraw. In 1897, the McIver family purchased the home. It remained in that family until purchased by Judge and Mrs. C. Anthony Harris in recent years. This photo was taken in the early 1900's after sleet covered the town.

The second image shows Boxwood Hall, in 1940, Mrs. Wm. H. Wannamaker, Hostess


Wm. Godfrey House
Kershaw St.
427 Third St.

Snowfall--Rare snowfall, then and now, were often the occasion for a photograph.  This one shown at the corner of Kershaw and High Streets around the turn of the century.  An exact date on this Greek-revival cottage is not known, but it was probably built sometime between 1854 and the Confederate War. 

Corner of Market and Green--This home at the corner of Market and Green Streets was built in 1822 by Christopher Pegues. It changed hands several times during the 1800's, and when the Federal Garrison was stationed in Cheraw during reconstruction times, the basement was used as a guard house where many prominent citizens were incarcerated for infractions of the strict Federal laws concerning the treatment of newly freed slaves. Some remodeling of the outward appearance took place in 1898 while owned by Alexander Kollock. In 1900, the Duvall family purchased the home and remained there for 77 years. The photo can be dated between 1898 and 1904.
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