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Mr. Evans' Mission:  I am dedicated to providing my students with the experience and knowledge necessary to make science useful in their lives and to enable them to improve the lives of others by learning how to discover new things.


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Great News Folks!

Mr. Evans has retired!

Have a nice Life, I will!


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South Carolina Weather.... Click on the Map to see a Current Radar Image from NOAA     Some links that might be of interest....
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Upcoming Events: Some things I would like for students to read when they get some time:
    Poem that answers the question, "Did I Miss Anything?"
     Coach Hutchison's "Inertial Guidance System" explanation
     An article by Ann Landers entitled "Life Isn't Fair"
    Ann Landers article entitled "After School, Life's Lessons Add Up"
    Try this tongue twister!
    Ann Landers:  "25 Things You'll Need To Know After High School"
   Joyce Kilmer's immortal poem "Trees"