Old Evans Family Cemetery
Evans Researchers (and those with an interest):  This cemetery is referred to several times in the book "Our Evans Heritage"
by Ms. Annie Belle (Evans-Dantzler) Bodie.  The cemetery is located between I-95 and U.S. 301 on Old State Rd. (Highway 176)
and is on private property owned by Mr. Charles Hutto (permission should be obtained before visiting the cemetery), a prominent
land-owner and farmer in the area.
The location map below is from the USGS topo, Felderville, SC showing the area near Providence, Orangeburg County, SC.
As an additional area of interest, the gravesite of Captain Rowland Evans is also shown.

This map of the cemetery was developed in the spring of 2007. All names (with the exception of Bair) end in Evans.

The large oak shown here borders the cemetery.
Reportedly other oaks that surrounded the
cemetery were destroyed by Hurricane Hugo.

All of the headstones in the cemetery are shown
below.  A full list of names and inscriptions follows
the photo gallery.

A current view of the cemetery is shown to the
left.  Hopefully, work can be done in the near
future to clean the site of growth, etc.

Thanks to Larry Shuler (shown right) for his help
in locating the cemetery.  Larry is pictured beside
the grave of Sarah Ann Hall--the marker is in
need of repair.

List of Those With Markers at the Cemetery

Allen Collinsworth Evans�March 2, 1859-October 12, 1859.  �Sacred To the Memory of Allen Collinsworth, Infant Son of J. G. and M. J. Evans.  Who was born March 2nd and died October 12th 1859.�

Daniel Evans�November 1, 1893-February 8, 1895.  �Daniel Evans; born Nov. 1, 1893, Died Feb. 8, 1895.  In Jesus arms we laid him down a lovely jewel for His crown.�

David W. Evans�July 13, 1823-February 28, 1900.  �Thy trials ended thy rest is won.� 

Eliza Evans�December 5, 1809-June 29, 1872.  �Miss Eliza Evans, Daughter of John and Margaret Evans, Born Dec. 5, 1809, Died June 29, 1872.  �Asleep in Jesus.�  Erected by her devoted niece, Lula.�

 Elizabeth D.�Wife of Wade Evans, November 30, 1835-November 3, 1878.

 Elliott Evans�April 15, 1898-November 12, 1900.  �Not lost to love not lost to memory but gone to our heavenly home above.�

 Frances E. Evans�April 27, 1820-October 2, 1892.  �God�s finger touched her and she slept.�

 George V. Bair�July 13, 1868-June 8, 1903.  �In loving remembrance of George V. Bair. Born July 13, 1868.  Died June 8, 1903.  Sweet be thy rest until he bids thee arise.�

 George Washington Evans�December 22, 1832-November 23, 1847.  �George Washington Evans; Son of Wade and Sarah Evans; Was born the 22nd December 1832; And departed this life; On the 23rd November 1847.  Remember thy creator, In the days of thy youth.�

 Haygood Evans�May 31, 1896-December 24, 1896. �A little flower of love that blossomed but to die.�

 Hugh Walker Evans�October 29, 1873-February 8, 1874.  �Son of L. R. and M. A. Evans�

 Infant Daughter�September 25.  �Departed this life, the infant daughter of Wade and Sarah E.  The 25th September, She lived Eleven hours.  Sweet Ba?? Thy Mortal care ????; And all thy troubles here are ended.�

 John Edwin Evans��Co. G., 13 GA INF., C.S.A.�

 John McCants Evans�February 13, 1851-September 1, 1852.  �Rest Sweet One.  Love Could not save thee, Or thou hadest not died.�

 Julius W. Evans��Co. G., 13 GA INF., C.S.A.�

 July 1844�This marker is inscribed with a date only, no other information.

 Lewis R. Evans�May 12, 1845-October 16, 1934.  �Gone but not forgotten.� 

Mary A.�Wife of L. R. Evans, November 27, 1851-June 9, 1914 

Mary E. Evans�August 29, 1832-December 8, 1918 

Olin Dantzler Evans�July 26, 1855-July 1, 1856.  �Olin Dantzler Evans Son of D. W. and F. E. Evans, was born July 26th 1855 and died July 1st, 1856.� 

Robert Hall Evans�March 31, 1849-January 21, 1851.  �Robert Hall Evans; Son of; Wade and Sarah Evans; Who was born on 31st March 1849; And departed this life; On the 21st January 1851.  Thou art gone my sweet Baby; To fairer climes of bliss.�

Samuel Foxworth�September 20, 1855-August 3, 1856.  �Sacred To the Memory of Samuel Foxworth Son of J. C. and M. A. Edwards; Born 20th Sept. 1855; Died 3rd August 1856; W. T. White� 

Sarah Ann Hall Evans�September 11, 1810-May 21, 1865.  �In memory of Sarah Ann Hall Evans.  Who was born September 11th, 1810 And departed this life May 21st 1865  Aged 54 years, 8 months, 10 days.  She lived a consistent member of the Methodist Episcopal Church 23 years.  When the Lord his summons sends; Earthly comforts lose their power; Honor, riches, kindred, friends; Cannot cheer a dying hour.� 

Susan Margaret Evans�May 10, 1847(?)-November 11, 1852(?). �Susan Margaret; Daughter of; L. C. (?) and M. W. (?) Evans; Was born May 10th 1847(?) and departed this life November 11th 1852.  Suffer little children to come unto me, and ??? them not ??? of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.�   

Susie May Evans�September 11, 1905-November 25, 1908.  �Susie May infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Evans.  Born Sept. 11, 1905 died Nov. 25, 1908.  A bright star gone.�

Wade Evans�October 4, 1807-September 30, 1897 

Walter Wade Evans�Son of Rowland A. and Charlotte Evans, Died February 17th, 1857.  �Aged 2 Years, 2 Months.�

According to family members, Harry Evans, infant son of Percy Cleveland and Reba Estelle Gillam Evans is buried in an unmarked grave in the cemetery.  He was born and died on 18 February 1915.

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Scan of the Original List of Markers at Evans Cemetery
Compiled by J. W. Joyner and H. H. Cawley, July 13, 1957