Gillam Family Reunion Photo
Even though the date on this photo is unknown, it was believed to have been taken during World War II (probably spring, summer of 1945) due to a lack of "young military age" men.  Thanks to Edith Evans Chapman, Marti Poovey Sherrill, Barbara Lee Welch (with Doni Lee Gillam Welch), and Barbara and Norman Stoudemire for help in identifying individuals.  Scroll down the page to see a "numbered" photo and a list of names.

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Gillam Family Photo
(List updated 3-9-2010)

  1. Pearl Edith Inabinet Gillam (wife of  David Hydrick Gillam, Jr.)
  2. Twylah Marie Evans (daughter of Dan William Evans, Sr. and Hattie Twylah Berry)
  3. Homer Elwood Gillam (son of Fitzhugh and Donnie Gillam)
  4. Meadowese, Earl Gillam�s daughter
  5. Hugh Allen Gillam (son of Fitzhugh and Donnie Gillam)
  6. Norman Arthur Stoudemire (brother of #7) (child of #11)
  7. Judy May Stoudemire Burgett (sister of #6) (child of #11)
  8. Reba Estelle Gillam Evans (wife of Percy Cleveland Evans)
  9. James Edward Gillam (husband of Mary Elizabeth Reeves)
  10. Dorothy Mildred Gillam Austin (daughter of Fitzhugh and Mary Gillam) -or- Edna Gillam (?) (daughter of Dave and Ida Gillam) -or- Donnie Lee Gillam (?), Fitzhugh Lee Gillam�s daughter
  11. Jacqueline Cecilia Meeks Stoudemire (wife of Hinton Arthur Stoudemire) (mother of #6 and #7)
  12. Bessie Bell Evans (wife of King Joseph (Joe) Gillam)
  13. King Joseph (Joe) Gillam (husband of Bessie Bell Evans)
  14. Fitzhugh Lee Gillam
  15. Benjamin Tillman Austin, II (son of Dorothy Gillam Austin, grandson of Fitzhugh and Mary Gillam)
  16. Benjamin Tillman Austin (husband of Dorothy Gillam Austin) -or- Pete Gillam (son of King Joseph (Joe) Gillam)
  17. Barbara Lee Welch (daughter of Doni Lee Gillam Welch, granddaughter of Fitzhugh and Mary Gillam)
  18. Doni Lee Gillam Welch (daughter of Fitzhugh and Mary Gillam)
  19. Twylah Berry Evans (wife of Dan William Evans)
  20. Edna Louise Gillam Plumblee (daughter of David Hydrick Gillam,  married Carl W. Plumblee) -or- Myrtle Lee Gillam (?) (daughter of Dave Gillam)
  21. David Earle Gillam, child of David Hydrick Gillam, Jr. and Pearl Edith Inabinet Gillam.
  22. Myrtle Blanche Gillam (wife of  Lide Benjamin Stoudenmire, later Mack Berry (?Henry?) Brown)
  23. Mack Berry (?Henry?) Brown (second husband of Myrtle Blanche Gillam Stoudemire)
  24. Miriam Evelyn Gillam Brown (daughter of Fitzhugh and Mary Gillam)
  25. Maude, David Hydrick Gillam�s second wife
  26. David Hydrick Gillam (husband of Ida Katherine Fender)
  27. Lovie Gillam (wife of James Earl Gillam)
  28. Mary Shell Donie Smith Gillam (wife of  Fitzhugh Lee Gillam)
  29. James Earl Gillam


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