Kolb Historical Site
Archaeological Dig

March 11-13, 2005
Welcome new Webolos Scouts!

The archaeologist before departing for the trip (L) and just before leaving the Pee Dee River at the end of the camp (R).

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Thanks to Mr. Chris Judge, our host for the week-end!
As part of the Archaeology Merit Badge, Troop 655
scouts dug 20cm by 20cm exploration holes in areas
of the site surveyed for future excavation.
Scouts sifted
soil through
Time for mud....Soil from "features" was placed in
bags and carried to the edge of the river where it was
washed through screens.
As part of the Archaeology Merit Badge, scouts received instruction on how pots and projectile points
made.  They also had a chance to see some of the materials discovered at the site.....
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scouts received during last year's visit.

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