Sugarloaf Mountain Camp

August 27-29, 2004

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Man Hunt on Sugarloaf Mountain under the moonlight--what more could a scout ask for in a campout?  How about a little hurricane weather on Sunday morning?

Practicing the axe throw, relaxing around camp, and wading in the Sugarloaf Mountain Lake to cool-off.  

Leaders Lead

Mr. Duffy knows how to relax in camp!
Mr. Ingram can always find time for a good book--especially one on his new GPS/walkie-talkies.  Hope he got rid of his chiggers!
Mr. Nick Newton, Venture Crew Assistant Scoutmaster, (left) and Mr. Craig McGilvray, Assistant Scoutmaster, (right) attended their first campout with the troop.

Sugarloaf Scenes

From left to right:  A  large piece of hematite at the base of Sugarloaf.  Hematite is sand glued-together with iron.  Lichens (an alga and a fungus growing together) growing on the face of the rock.  The famous potjie pot--known for great beef stews.  The sky on Saturday from atop the mountain.....things changed dramatically Sunday morning with the advance of a hurricane.  View from the top of Sugarloaf--the picture does not do it justice! 
Want to see a historical picture of Sugarloaf?  This photo is from "Images of America, Chesterfield County"