Uwharrie National Forest Camp-out

April 24-25, 2004

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655's intrepid group of hikers and campers take a break after Sunday Church Services at Yate's Pace Campground in the Uwharrie National Forest. The troop shared the campground with a scout group from High Point, NC and a group from a private camp based in Asheboro, NC. 

A scout is always prepared......655 made water available to several backpackers that were not aware the campground was "dry" or didn't know the closest water was quite a distance down the access road.  Mr. Evans took one of the private camp counselors to Food Lion to purchase gallon jugs of water for his group.   We did our "good turn" several times over the week-end.

A special thanks to Mr. Crouse for accompanying the scouts on the Uwharrie National Scenic Trail hike Saturday afternoon.

DSCN0984.jpg (131702 bytes) DSCN0987.jpg (175024 bytes) Yate's Place Camp is a United States Forest Service camp located near the center of the National Forest.  There is easy access to the Uwharrie National Scenic Trail. DSCN0989.jpg (171798 bytes)

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Hungry Scout

Stew Beef Cook

Rice Chef

Potato Dicer

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