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This web-site was developed by David Evans of Cheraw, South Carolina.  Cheraw is located
in northeast South Carolina on the Great Pee Dee River.  The city marked the highest point on
the river that steamships could travel and dock.  Rocks on the fall line above Cheraw limited river
travel to smaller flat-bottomed boats above the town.  Thus, the name of the web-site. 

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Cheraw in Photos  

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Scouting With Troop 655....
Follow the Scouts
On our Expeditions

Camp Pee Dee

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Cheraw High....

Great Pee Dee River

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First Presbyterian Church...


Musings--"Musings" is a section containing things that interest ME!

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Bridlewood Swim Club

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Family Pictures...

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Thanks, in advance, for the input! --David  DREvans@GreatPeeDee.com