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Great Pee Dee Blue Way Paddle Day
16 May 2015

Sandhills National Wildlife Refuge Nature Walk
21 March 2015.  With Naturalist Austin Jenkins.

Rumph Family Cemetery
Calhoun County, SC

Westbury Reunion and John Blue Cotton Festival
The McQueen S. and Annie McIntyre Westbury family had a reunion at Camp Pee Dee on
13 October 2012.  After the meal the family assembled at the John Blue Cotton Festival in Laurinburg, NC.  My mother, Sara Frances Westbury Evans donated a tobacco pole barn to the Scotland County Historical Society which was taken apart and re-assembled at the John Blue site.

Old Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Orangeburg, SC
My interest in the Old Presbyterian Church Cemetery started with two death certificates....those of my second great grandparents, Cephas Manly McMichael and Rachael Elizabeth Jennings.  Both certificates state they are buried in the Old Presbyterian Church Cemetery.  However, their grave markers are side-by-side in Sunnyside Cemetery, also in Orangeburg, SC. (I can send you photos of the markers if you'd like them for your files.)

A Ceremony of Dedication of the Headstone and Markers for the "Fraser Highlanders" 71st Regiment of Foot, 13 November 2011, Old St. David's Cemetery, Cheraw, SC


"Private FWD"--This is a book of articles written by Private (Dr.) Fred W. Dantzler for the Orangeburg Sun newspaper in 1909 describing his experiences in the War Between the States.  The book was compiled by Ruth Dantzler Wolfe.  This is a HTML copy of the entire text (with given spellings, grammar, etc.) as transcribed by Ms. Wolfe.  If you would like a Microsoft Word copy of the text, please feel free to e-mail me at: DREvans@GreatPeeDee.com and I'll be glad to forward it.  I am somewhat limited on printing "hard-copies" since the document is thirty pages but let me know and I will try to accommodate you. --David
Scouting in Hartsville--A chapter found in Wilmont Berry's book "Scraps of History, Hartsville, SC, 1950-2003" listing many of the Hartsville troops and mentioning several old-time scouting names.

old letter from Miss Mantie Brown to Lizzie Brown page 1

A Letter Full of Advice--This letter was written to his children by Colonel Olin M. Dantzler, CSA.  It was provided to me by Dr. Bill Dantzler, a retired veterinarian from Orangeburg, South Carolina.  Col. Dantzler gave his sons some good advice--much of which could be passed to our sons and daughters today.  The letter says a great deal about the "southern attitude" many of us see slipping-away today. 
Chesterfield and Lancaster Railroad--An abandoned rail line that used to connect Chesterfield County (SC) east to west. 
The McColl Museum....Located in McColl, SC this museum is in the old dentist office of Dr. C. W. Love.  Click on the picture to go to a page with more information on the museum.
The Godfrey Lumber Railroad.....This railroad originally ran through the middle of Cheraw State Park.  The folks at the State Park have often called the old bridge abutment at the head of Lake Eureka the "old number 1 bridge.  Click on the picture to learn more about the railroad.
The McQueen Millpond......This millpond is located at the end of Ridge Rd. in Bridlewood.  Click on the map at the left to learn more about it.
Cheraw, South Carolina, 1941......Click on the photo to the left to view some aerial photos of the Cheraw area from 1941.
The Pee Dee River....Since this site is GreatPeeDee.com, it is logical to have a section on the river at Cheraw.
Old Camp Coker and Scouting Slides.  This page was started after a dialogue on "things missing from Camp Coker" initiated by Scouter Phil Whittle.  Take a look at some of the old pictures.

Some additional pictures contributed by Phil Whittle.

Some words of advice I find helpful to live by:
     A Good Mission Statement for any LEARNER....
     It is Better to Be Alone Than in the Wrong Company....
     Everyone Can't be In The Front Row!
"Good Timber" -or- "The Law of Life"

     "Wherever You Are, Be There" by Jim Rohn
     An Essay on "Maturity"
    A thought on Risky Behaviors!
    A few quotes I've heard!
    A poem on the value of play....
    "The Bridge Builder"
    "Teacher's Prayer" forwarded to me by my mother.
    Letter to a Kid That Didn't Get the Job
   "You Can Bank On It"--Something to think about when it comes to using your time.
   "The Non-Existent Man"