Cheraw Establishments
Cheraw Theater
In the early 1900's Dr. James Ladd showed "flickers" in the back of the present Town Hall.  In 1920, he built the Lyric Theatre, pictured here.  Dr. Ladd sold it to Hatcher Craft from Wadesboro in the 1930's.  It was then purchased by Hyman Anderson who sold it to Bob Rodgers, Sr. in 1935.  Rodgers put up the marquee in 1945.  After several owners, the theatre was purchased by the Cheraw Economic Development Corp. who then donated it to the Town after the building was renovated to be used for the arts.

T. E. Wanamaker & Sons Drug Store--T. E. Wanamaker & Sons Drug Store, one of the stores known as the "Seven Wonders", was built on Market Street in 1898.  This picture was taken in 1917.  Wanamaker's Drug Store is still in business in  the same, although much altered, building.

Cheraw Post Office, 1940's
United States Post Office
Cheraw, SC
Post Office, Cheraw
Chiquola Club and Hotel Covington Building (Ingram Hotel)--The Chiquola Club and Hotel Covington were completed in 1910 by J. W. Covington.  Only the left, two story portion of the building remains today.  The hotel part burned to the ground in 1946.  The Chiquola Club, which was a men's club, occupied the second floor of the part that exists today.  Below the club, on the corner, was a drug store run by a Dr. Morris.  This later became Poston's Corner Soda and Sundry.  Hotel Covington was three stories high with a large lobby that faced Second Street.  In 1928, the hotel was sold to Emsley Ingram and run by Clayton Ingram.  From 1928 to 1946 the hotel was known as Ingram Hotel and claimed such famous lodgers over the years as Babe Ruth and Jack Dempsey. 
Historic Town Hall--
Construction began on the present Town Hall in 1858.  While the building was in the course of construction, a tornado reportedly came and blew it down filling Second Street with the debris.  In 1860 the hall was completed.  In August, 1949, the Town of Cheraw moved its offices into the downstairs area.  The building, with four massive Doric columns supporting the portico was constructed by William Murray of Anson County, NC.  Christopher Werner, celebrated for his work in Charleston, fashioned the wrought iron double staircase and grill work leading to the second floor.  The water trough and pump in the center of the intersection were for the convenience of travelers. They were removed when the streets were paved in 1923.  The Town Hall was renovated in 1978 with the town offices still downstairs and a courtroom installed upstairs.

The building was partially paid for by the Masons.  Originally they used the second floor for their meeting place. 


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