Cheraw Establishments (II)
Lyceum and Town Hall, 1931
Cheraw Lyceum Building--
The Lyceum was probably built c. 1825 and was first used as a courtroom for the chancery courts.  It became the home of the Lyceum when the Town of Cheraw, the Masons and the Lyceum built the Town Hall as a joint project in 1856-58.  By mutual consent, the Masons and the local government were to use the Town Hall, and the Lyceum would occupy the little brick building.  They began using it for meetings and as a library.  From 1863-65 it was turned over to the Confederate army for use as a telegraph office.  After the war, the Lyceum continued to meet there.  It has also been used as a law office, by the Ladies' Exchange, Civic League Garden Club, and was Cheraw's only library until the books were transferred to the Matheson Memorial Library.  The Lyceum then became a museum sponsored by the U.D.C  The top photo dates from around 1907.
Market Hall--The Market Hall was designed by Peter Lynch and built around 1836.  It housed the first Chancery Courts held in Chesterfield County until their removal to the Lyceum building across the Town Green.  In 1907, the civic League was formed and selected as their first project to eliminate the "smelly meat market" under the Market Hall.  They wanted to enclose the lower portion and include a public restroom.  The town fathers did not object to the removal of the meat market, but did protest the restroom.  They soon relented, however, and the Civic Leavue went ahead with their plans.  On November 6, 1908 it was reported that renovation work had begun on the Market Hall.  It was to cost $500 to $600 to renovate the hall.  Mrs. H. D. Malloy loaned the club the money with no interest.  In 1979, the Market hall was restored to its original design.  The upper floor housed the police department and magistrate's court for a number of years.
Service Station at Cabin Creek Camp

Train Freight Depot and Loading Platform
(The following information is from Tom Wooten.  Tom was born and raised in Cheraw, left there in 1957, joined the USAF, since retired. --Thanks Tom):

"The building ...was built about 1952/3/4 to replace the wooden one which burned down on a Saturday Afternoon.   I'm not real sure of the dates but at the time we lived in the Section Foreman house directly across the track from the freight depot, the passenger depot was at the "u" bend in Seaboard St. just about even with the center of the building you are showing."
Bank of Cheraw--The Bank of Cheraw, on the southeast corner of Market and Second Streets, was built around 1907.  In 1900, H. W. Finlayson sold to Samuel Hirsch of Richmond, VA, this corner which contained a 100 foot frontage on Market Street and 200 feet on Second Street and, according to the deed, "upon which stands my four brick stores and Livery stables."  Apparently, the livery stable was a wooden structure on the site of the bank.  In 1904 J. R. Harrall sold the corner portion to the Bank of Cheraw.  The bank was built from stone quarried in Chesterfield County.

Street Work, Main Street, Cheraw

Pee Dee Iron Works and Garage (Photo from Bobby Polson.)

Merchant and Farmers Bank
Built 1910
Cheraw Sash, Door and Lumber Company--According to the memoir of G. W. Duvall, the Cheraw Door and Sash Company was organized by Mr. N. T. Cobb of Raleigh, NC at the turn of the century.  This photo was taken around 1904.  the name was later changed to Cheraw Sash, door and Lumber Company.
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